Apps For Kids

New website released to promote the educational apps for kids.

Apps For Kids


List of educational apps for kids:

Learn About Animals – Educational App For Kids

This app has more than 50 different types of animals and pets with multiple pictures of each animal with sounds and information about them.


Learn About Cities – Educational App For Kids

Expose and teach your kids about the most important cities in the world. Your kid will love looking and exploring the different cities.

Learn About Cities - Educational App For Kids

Learn About Fruits & Vegetables – Educational App For Kids 

Fruits and Vegetables are eaten and seen around children every day. But how to recognize and learn them.

Learn About Fruits & Vegetables - Educational App For Kids

Learn About Sports – Educational App For Kids

This app help your kids learn about Sports in English an easiest way with beautiful and clearly photos.

Learn About Sports - Educational App For Kids



What is the best icon library? Check bellow a complete list of website where to find the best icons collections.

1. NounProject




2. FlatIcon


3. IconMonstr


4. IconFinder


5. FindIcons


6. IconArchive


7. EasyIcon


8.  MrIcons


9. Iconsdb


10. Geomicons


11. ModernUIIcons


12. Iconspedia


 13.  Icons8





go inspired

Here’s the list of the new Go Inspired programs for 2014:

If somebody needs any information about any of these programs can contact directly Go Inspired at

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Digital Photo Frame App

We proudly announced the release of our new iOS App called Digital Photo Frame.


* The most gorgeous, the most powerful photo player application.
* Pro+ version without ads.

Get the best from your IOS device and turn it into powerful photo frame with Digital Photo Frame!

NEW: Support for Flickr as source.

NEW: Improved version with a lot of features requested by our users and even more.
Digital Photo Frame uses all the most important capabilities of iOS device to turn your iPad or iPhone into a high quality photo frame.

No doubt that powerful performance and visual effects, screen quality and touch screen controls of the all-purpose iOS device are definitely better than similar features of the specialized cheap analogs at the stores.
Digital Photo Frame extends active life of any iOS device allowing them to serve as a great photo frame and remind the perfect moments of your life.

* Optimized for the large number of images
* Thumbnails view
* Full screen
* Slide show mode or manual navigation
* Various resize/fit modes to avoid borders or crop
* Shuffle mode
* Several slide effect
* Slideshow interval can be chosen
* Show time and date on screen
* Share the photos on Facebook, Flickr, E-mail, AirPrint…

Your suggestions and reports are very appreciated. Drop us e-mail if you have any problems or suggestion.

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Image Gallery:

Releasing soon a big important update of Group Budget App for iPhone.

New in this  new version:

– Backups with iCloud support
– Support for iPhone 5 Retina display
– Added sharing features with social media
– Added default categories
– Added button to reset categories
– Fixed minor bugs To celebrate it we want to give away 4 promo codes of the app for free!



Remember,  Group Budget it is the best and easiest way to manage group expenses and incomes. Group Budget App helps you create a group, enter the participants names and their income and expenses, manage each person’s cash flow, follow the activity balance and view/email reports.

Check out:



This is a better way to use NSLog. Adding the next snipped of code in your app pch file (app-name-Prefix.pch) and then replacing all the “NSLog” of your project for “DebugLog” we can improve the performance of the app when it is not in the debug mode.
Another feature is that this code also shows the File name, line number and method name for each log. I added some more stuff so all the logs appears aligned by columns and are easy to read.

1 .Add this code in your pch file.

// Shows the logs just in the debug mode with the fileName, line number and method.
#ifdef DEBUG
#define DebugLog( s, ... ) NSLog( @"[FILE]%@ %*s [LINE]%-*d [METHOD]%@ %*s [MESSAGE]%@", [[NSString stringWithUTF8String:__FILE__] lastPathComponent],30 - ([[[NSString stringWithUTF8String:__FILE__] lastPathComponent] length]),"", 5,__LINE__, NSStringFromSelector(_cmd), 75 - ([NSStringFromSelector(_cmd) length]),"", [NSString stringWithFormat:(s), ##__VA_ARGS__] )
#define DebugLog( s, ... )

2. Replace the NSLog for DebugLog.

 // Before:

NSLog(@"Log with some message");

// After:
DebugLog(@"Log with some message");



 // Results Before:

Log with some message

// Results After:

[FILE]ViewController.m [LINE]30 [METHOD]viewDidLoad [MESSAGE]Log with some message


Hope this is helpful guys!