In Young Bit we are happy to announce that the new webiste for Oculista Castellón is released!

We have also designed the logo and we have done some SEO work.

We just love how it looks!




This is a list of 8 websites where you can submit your IOS app for free.

1. Mac Update

In Mac Update you have to register as a developer, once you are registered you can submit as many apps as you want. It may take a while to be publish them.

2. app Give Away

With appGiveAway you can submit your app for free in their page, the only requirement is that you have to give away 20 promo codes of the app in exchange.

3. App Safari

App Safari is a directory of IOS app. It is free to submit as many apps as you want. You can give them one promo code but is optional.

4. app Dictions

You can submit your app in app dictions by giving away 10 promo codes of your app. No need to register on the website. App dictions have also the option of advertise your app in their website paying different fees.


 5. iPhone app Promo codes

To register you will need a facebook account, to publish an app you need to give at least 5 promo codes and you can submit as many apps as you want.


6. Yappler

You have to ask them for an app review and give them 1 promo code.


7. Alpha digits

Alpha digits is a site where they review apps. You will need one promo code for each app that you submit to them.


8. What’s on iPhone

What’s on iPhone is a app reviews site. You can submit your app sending them a promo code.

If you know more pages, please use the comments to let us know!

Grails store is now on github, from there you can download it in an easy way.

Grails store is an e-commerce web application with made using Grails. I developed last year as a project for a subject in AIT. I hope it can be a good project example for other people.

More information about the grails store in the project page.

The best budget app for iPhone is called Group Budget, check out our new brand website for Group Budget.
With Group Budget you can manage and track all the expenses and incomes of a single person or a group and we say is the easiest app to do it.

Download Group Budget right now and start managing your group expenses and incomes in a easy way and without any trouble.

Welcome to the new Young Bit page, we have adapted the old young bit page to WordPress so now we have a blog to write interesting articles and news about all the projects we are doing and other cool things.

Stay tuned!