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Adobe After Effects: how to get started?

Originally posted in https://blog.liip.ch/archive/2017/03/14/adobe-after-effects.html Animation with After Effects Animations greatly improve the overall user experience of an app. They also bring different benefits to the user. In my last blog post about the SwiftAlps Conference, I wrote about the 12 basic principles of animations in design (see the slides in the blogpost). During the conference, we […]

Open-sourcing RhythmBox

Rhythm Box is a music box system for your iOS app written in Swift. The easiest way to create Music Rhythm Patterns in Swift. To Generate a constant BPM signal is as simple as this. let rhythmBox = RhythmBox(bpm: 120) rhythmBox.perform {CurrentBeat, CurrentSubBeat, CurrentNote in print(“CurrentBeat”, CurrentBeat) return .resume }   And to generate a 90 BPM signal […]

Swift Alps Conference

This post was originally posted in https://blog.liip.ch/archive/2016/12/20/swift-alps-conference.html . Last month my colleague Kilian and I were pleased to attend the Swift Alps Conference, an experimental conference about Swift taking place in the Swiss Alps. This conference had a different format from what one can expect from a typical software development conference. In this case the format was […]


Introducing Swift 3.0

With the new iPhone 7 Apple has released the iOS 10 operating system and with it comes Xcode 8 and a new version of the Swift language for the iOS developer community. Swift 3.0 is an open source language that has been developed by the community together with Apple Engineers. One of the great things […]

New iOS educational apps released for kids

New website released to promote the educational apps for kids.   List of educational apps for kids: Learn About Animals – Educational App For Kids This app has more than 50 different types of animals and pets with multiple pictures of each animal with sounds and information about them. Learn About Cities – Educational App […]

14 Websites to download Icons

What is the best icon library? Check bellow a complete list of website where to find the best icons collections. 1. NounProject http://thenounproject.com   2. FlatIcon http://www.flaticon.com   3. IconMonstr http://iconmonstr.com   4. IconFinder  https://www.iconfinder.com   5. FindIcons http://findicons.com   6. IconArchive http://www.iconarchive.com   7. EasyIcon http://www.easyicon.net   8.  MrIcons http://www.mricons.com   9. Iconsdb http://www.iconsdb.com […]